yung de niro

some of my favourite photos of peak de niro

robert de niro at the roxy theater, 1976

truly the only time i have ever desired to build a time machine to experience the sheer babliness of de niro just fresh out of his taxi driver bag

robert de niro with his best actor oscar at the the 53rd academy awards, 1981

i’m not going to say what he could do with that oscar as i am a woman of god

roert de niro and diahnne abbott at the 5th annual AFI lifetime achievment awards, 1977

i actully think i should do a newsletter dedicated to diahnne

robert de niro in jackie brown, 1997

the lil’ bit of grey at the temples is absolutely sending me to hell

robert de niro in the last tycoon, 1976

when elia kazan wasn't dry snitching on the homies he was making this thirst trap of a movie

robert de niro and al pacino on the set of the godfather ii, 1974


de niro and pacino presenting at the 67th academy awards, 1995

robert de niro in heat, 1995

i think about tumblr user seauxphie saying that “robert de niro's dick in heat is seasoned like a cast iron skillet" once a day

“ The Godfather: Part II (1974)

in closing this image from the godfather ii which really poses the questions “are henleys the absolute horniest item of clothing known to man?” truly something to think about